How can I register an account?

To create an account click on Account at the Homepage.

Click on Create an Account.

Now enter the required data.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Confirm your entry by clicking on SUBMIT.

You have now created an account and are on the page ACCOUNT DASHBOARD.


On this page you can

- Edit your contact information
- Edit the billing and shipping address
- Subscribe a newsletter

In addition, you can view your orders, a wish list, or create a new comment.


How to Subscribe the Newsletter?

First log in with your username and password.

On the Page MY DASHBOARD you can find the area Newsletter.

Click on Edit.


On the following page you tick the General subscription.

Click Save to confirm your entry.

You will now receive the newsletter unless you deactivate it.

How to order?

First log in as described above. Then find the item you want to buy.

Click ADD TO CART to add the item directly to it.

You will be forwarded directly to the cart.


Click on the item image or the adjacent text for more information.


The availability in green shows you whether any goods are in stock. An amber light indicates that

only a few items are in stock. Red means that the stock is zero.

Here you can click on the Button ADD TO CART

In the overview of the cart you can:

- change the quantity for each item

- remove the item from your cart

Confirm the changes with a click on UPDATE SHOPPING CART.


What kind of Payments do we offer?

Once you have the goods you want to purchase in your shopping cart, you can complete your purchase there.

We offer you a variety of payment options

-          Transfer

-          Immediate transfer(good for netherlands)

-          PayPal

-          Credit Card

-          Cash on delivery

What kind of delivery options are available?

As carriers DPD and GLS are available.

Conditions for delivery by DPD:

Programs that occur with DPD, can be accepted as usual at your front door.

Dou you want to accept the Package personally?

Then leave for DPD a phone number or e-mail address: DPD will contact you shortly to arrange a personal delivery date.

Packages are insured by DPD till 500€. Supplementary insurance for shipments with a value of  501,- – 1.000,- € you can give on our website before placing the order. This is then forwarded by us to DPD. Programs about 1.000, - € we ask you in advance to request personally.

The upper limit of insurance package is 13.000,-€.