Can I just order on the Internet?

No, we accept orders by phone and by e-mail.


Do I need  a special account for immediate transfer, such as in PayPal?

No, the payment system immediate transfer functions similar to debit cards in business. Only that the process is made from your PC.


Do I need a special Soft or Hardware?

This is not necessary. Only one account for online banking is required.


Can I send the Package to a different place?

Yes, you can specify in the order process where do you want to send that package. (Beware: might lead to separate transport costs)


How long does the delivery takes usually?

After an order your order will be processed immediately. However, it depends also on how you paid for it. Immediate transfer and PayPal are the fastest way, because we get directly confirmed the payment. By transfer it depends on when your bank will transmit it to us.

After the payment is confirmed, your package immediately get prepared and possibly shipped on the same day. After collection by the transport company, the delivery will take to usually 24 - 48 hours (weekends excluded).


I received the ordered items, however not all Items comply with my expectations. Can I give them back?

Yes, you have a 14-day return policy on all items you purchase in our onlineshop.
By returning the Item has to be in a unused and saleable condition.


How can I contact you?

You can call us by phone from Monday through Friday from 13:00 to 15:00pm. For the current phone number please visit our website www.Hobbyfly.de. You can also send your request by mail to info@hobbyfly.de.


My product is not working. What can I do?

First check whether all steps in the manual has been followed. Dysfunction based on 90% due to incorrect settings. Please read also to the error descriptions of the manual.

The following are some possible solutions:

- Check all connections. If you are not sure how they are placed, please contact us.
- Check the capacity of the used batteries.
- Check that the positions of the installed batteries are correct.
- Check whether the correct switch-on has been followed (binding of transmitter and receiver).


Do I need insurance?

Insurance is mandatory for each model pilot (see also air traffic regulations LuftVO). Not every insurance covers damage caused by the flight. Find out at your insurance company.

Do I need to maintain my product?

Model airplanes, cars, boats, and helicopters are not toys and should be carefully maintained. Most of these models contain several hundreds of screws and bearings. All screws and fasteners are to be secured with thread lock. We recommend to control the Screws before each flight.  Wear parts such as gears, bearings, ball joints, belts and bushings should be replaced at regular intervals.